Hi there my name is Dany Prestyn and this site is a tribute dedicated to the product that changed my life. For me the Incredible Sex Video Series from Porn Star Sex Life was not only the way for a better sex life but the way for a fulfilled family life.

First I want to tell something about the life I had before i found out about this incredible product. Although I had a well paid job, a house with garden, a nice car and occasional dates with girls every week, I always felt that i was missing something. I wanted a life partner but every time when I’ve tried to have a serious relationship everything would end up going bad.

I had two experiences with girls which I loved. The first was the girl from high-school who cheated me in a summer vacation when she was visiting her grandparents. I thought she sincerely loved me and I spent allot of time trying to find out why she did this… with no success. Next was the girl I met in college who cheated on me with my best friend. I always thought we would get married so I was pretty devastated.

These two moments in my life made me realize that I had a problem and made me wonder what the hell was wrong with me. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I found the answer after another few years in The Incredible Sex Video Series.

What do women want from a man? First they want quality sex finalized with strong orgasms. Women are genetically conceived to want quality sex in order to perpetuate the species which surpass the material and social needs. The Porn Star Sex Life Incredible Sex Video Series is created by a woman named Ryan Keely and that is what makes this program more valuable.

”There is nothing that can ruin an amazing experience more, than a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing in bed…” These are the words said by Ryan that got my attention. Indeed this was the answer that I was searching for at least five years. My relationships were compromised by me through sex rounds lasting for 5 minutes once or twice a week. Rounds which I was pretty satisfied with. Although my partners apparently looked and acted satisfied, in their subconscious they were looking for total satisfaction.

The most powerful factor which makes a girl cheat on you is the routine you have in bed. And believe me when I say this because I had to learn it the hard way.

The Porn Star Sex Life “Incredible Sex Video Series”            

The Incredible Sex Video Series include 10 exciting modules in 2 full-length videos. You can watch all the videos INSTANTLY in the private “member only” website.

It’s the BEST and the only product of it’s kind that works to teach you about giving this incredible kind of pleasure to women. Next I would like to share with you what makes up the “Incredible Sex Video Series” and I’m positive you’re going to love it as much as I did.

“Sensual touch”

The first module contains the “key” to opening her box :)

Ryan, Justine and Jade demonstrate the pre-foreplay techniques that will get her squirming before any real “party” begins. You will learn to kiss, touch and undress any girl in the way that will make her beg for more. It will set you up for a night neither of you won’t soon forget.
You will learn about the “Forgotten Erogenous Zones” that will flip her attraction triggers within seconds even when you are in public.

“Fingering Methods”

There are things you can do with your fingers that you cant do with any part of your body and people seem to forget this joys. Module 2 is dedicated to teaching you some amazing things you will be able to do with your fingers. You will be able to separate yourself from every other guy when you can make her whole body shake by only using your hands.

“Advanced Fingering Methods”

You are going to take notes on this module trust me :) It is dedicated to giving your partner deep emotional orgasms that are so intense most women refer to them as “ultimate orgasms”. You will learn how to make this possible.

“Oral Sex Methods”

Most men have absolutely no idea what to do when it comes to giving oral sex to a woman. You will discover why men are losing their women to other women and you’ll learn the techniques to becoming a master of going down on her.

“Things You See In Porn That Are Bad Ideas”                                                                                  

Until now, the way men learned any skills in bed was to imitate what they saw in porn movies. BUT most of what you see in these movies are only meant for the camera and don’t feel good in real life. If you imitate most of what you see it is likely that your partner will walk out on you and never come back.
In this module you will learn what goes behind the scenes of a porn movie and what you should never attempt or propose in bed when your with your girlfriend.

“Amazing Positions A to Z”

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s about how you use it.” You’ve heard about this surely. In this module you will learn “how to use it” and give her the most body-trembling sex of her life. Being the best lover has nothing to do with “folding her like an origami crane”. It is all about knowing how to compliment each others bodies by making modifications to your favorite positions.

“Dirty Play and Anal Sex”

This module will show you a secret that 99% of men don’t know about. You will learn how to fulfill all your anal sex fantasies and how to keep her coming back for more.
If you’re interested in “backdoor sex” with your woman, or any woman, pay close attention.

“Fetish And Advanced Play”

We all have crazy fantasies and sometimes we are too shy to talk about them. In this module you will learn how to turn fantasies in reality and even get her to beg you for more.
WARNING: This is only for the most adventurous lovers! If you are daring enough to explore your inner-sex-freak you may not want to go back.

“Erection and Orgasm Control”

Another important module focused on developing more control over your erection and ejaculation. It provides “exercises” that will help you last longer and feel bigger. It shares porn star secrets that include “getting hard on demand” and “staying hard through hours”. So start impressing your partner with your stamina.

“Safe Sex”

In order to learn how to have a “Porn Star Sex Life” and getting to experience the most amazing sex you have ever fantasized about you will have to keep yourself and your partner safe. If she will start pissing razor blades she will be pissed and she will never sleep with you again.
Also it won’t be a picnic for you too if you catch something nasty. So this is a very useful module.

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Module 11 “Secret Q&A Session” and Module 12 “The Birth of a Porn Star”.

The Incredible Sex Video Series  from Porn Star Sex Life is a step by step guide that you will be able to use progressively in order to become a “sex god” regardless of  your current performance in bed, sexual experience and stamina.